Mona Scott Young Chats 'Love & Hip-Hop' Drama, Says 'it's Real'

We caught up with Love and Hip-Hop executive producer Mona Scott Young to answer your questions about the show's drama and shenanigans. See below for Scott's personal message to fans as well as the interview we facilitated with MSY and viewers via twitter:

To My Lovers & HipHoppers,

I didn't realize how overwhelming the response to the show would be and for that I am so very grateful! We worked very hard to make the best show we could and to see the response makes all the late nights and long days so worth it! Over four million total viewers on the premiere episode and over five million on episode two!! We broke records at VH1 two weeks in a row! You guys were not shut it down! THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU!!! I love you all!

Thanks again for the support! Spread the word and keep watching!!


Twitterchat Questions:

What is the biggest challenge when it comes to filming all these different personalities?

The biggest challenge is managing those personalities. Each girl has her own temperament and way of dealing with things and it's important that I take the time to deal with them as individuals because at the end of the day, I'm asking alot of them. It isn't easy to open yourself up and show certain sides of yourself on camera and some days are more difficult than others. it's definitely all about the way we communicate and keeping those lines of communication wide open. We spend alot of time together getting to know each other prior to shooting. It's like any relationship in your life, you have good days and don't always get along...but as long as you keep the mutual respect and communication going, you can get through it.

Was there anyone else you considered for the show?

I met with alot of women who were interested and interesting...but it was about a number of things. Making sure the women not only had compelling stories and would be able to tell those stories in compelling ways but also that there was some level of an organic connection between them. Unfortunately you can only follow so many story lines per season before it becomes confusing so we had to make choices but there are definitely a couple of ladies out there I will be revisiting. I would also love to hear who you guys would like to see on the show.

Do you ever worry that the show's drama may get too real between cast members?

Unfortunately it does and has gotten very real! As much as I would have liked all the drama to stay on camera, that was not always the case. The stuff we cover in their lives comes from a very real place...this isn't manufactured or faked so it's not like they can turn off their emotions just because we turn off our cameras. Also for me it was difficult at times because I developed a relationship with the cast and it was sometimes disturbing to have to cover more difficult moments in their see a relationship fall apart right before our eyes...or to keep the cameras rolling when I know they were hurting or very upset. But at the end of the day, we all committed to making the most honest depiction of their lives we could so we had to push through it. Trust, it was not easy.

Does Fabolous finally make an appearance this season?

Now you know I can't give that away...You'll just have to stay tuned! ...but it would be nice right? : )

Do Chrissy and Kimbella fight again?

Let's put it this way...that first fight was not the only...I had many a sleepless night! LOL!

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