Nene Leakes to Sell “I’m Very Rich B*tch” Shirts

Reality stars have a thing for coining phrases and making a profit off of it. First, it was Evelyn Lozada’s ‘You Are a Non F*ckin Factor B*tch’ shirts, and now Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes has created ‘I’m Very Rich B*tch’ tee for your buying pleasure. She made the phrase famous recently on the first episode of RHOA.

Last night, Nene tweeted a photo of the shirt, which will has Swarovski crystals embedded into its letters. The shirt will be sold at an overpriced $150. No deets on where it will be sold, but we are sure some crazed fan out there will find it to purchase.

Sighs… The things reality television can do for a person’s career.