Oh, Baby! 5 Reasons Justin Bieber Should Take a Paternity Test on the ‘Maury’ Show

Reason 1: No girl will ever falsely accuse you of getting her pregnant again.

Can you imagine how many girls are lining up right now to be Justin Bieber’s baby mama? Thousands. And unless JB wants to continue having girls make up stories about him, he’d better make an example out of this chick. What better way to do it than to drag her onto Maury and make her look like a damn fool? It’s probably not the nicest thing in the world to do to a person. But, then again, it’s also not very nice to falsely accuse someone of being your baby daddy, now is it? If Biebs calls her bluff and takes her to task for what she’s done, it’s unlikely that another girl will do it later.