Peep What Happens When a VIBE Editor Disguises Herself as a #TeamWakaWaka Leader

What’s it take to build a hard-core digital tweet team for your idol? VIBE’s Tracy Garraud (@trayhovainfiltrates the star-obsessed world of Twitter fan clubs

I am officially a Waka Flocka Flame soldier. And I’m looking to recruit. Naturally, I hit up Twitter, where celeb fan clubs have migrated—from P.O. boxes to profiles. After creating a handle (@TeamWakaWaka), I go hunting. Typing “Waka Flocka Flame” into Twitter’s search engine, I find and follow a fanatic named @KarinaBadazz who fancies caps-locked tweets and ATL’s dreadlocked trap star (a.k.a @WakaFlockaBSM). I request her aid in pumping the movement. Fifteen minutes later, she’s tweeting: “IF YOU FUCKIN WITH FLOCKA GO FOLLOW THIS ACCOUNT >@TeamWakaWaka SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT DOE.” Fifteen followers, bow!

Dead are the days of snail mailing fan letters. Twitter grants fanatics a license to virtually stalk idols in 140 characters or less. The promo perks are bottomless for e-gods likes Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose and Chris Brown, who retweet fan PDA and bag feedback on everything from music video options to wardrobe selects. But can a freshman superstar like Waka find fan club success on Twitter?

With time, yes. Assembling a digital militia is tough, even for a rapper with 600,000-plus followers. Since Twitter stans appear to primarily be high-schoolers wh0 tipe liK dis, I pose as a 16-year-old bow!-bow!-bow! obsessed wannabe dope boy. Tweet One: “FLOCKA FIENDS WHERE YALL AT?! #TEAMWAKAWAKA.” Crickets.