Phife Dawg Says ‘Tribe Made No Money From ‘Can I Kick It”

The folks over at The Hip-Hop Chronicle sent over this gem of Phife Dawg performing at London’s KOKO following a screening of Beats, Rhymes And Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest. The funky diabetic performed a tribute to Heavy D, took questions from fans and went in on a variety of topics.

He said he has no problem with Q-Tip and wasn’t sure if there is going to be a Tribe album but told fans not to rule it out.

At the 5:44 min mark, Phife revealed that the group has not seen any money from “Can I Kick It” because Jive never cleared the sample after Lou Reed agreed to let them use it.

He also talked aout his new album, which is on the way. The first single entitled “Sole Man” features Faith Evans.