Press Pass: Maybach Music’s PIll Takes the Stage in New York City


Maybach Music Group’s Pill stopped by S.O.B.’s in New York Thursday night for his Diagnosis tour, rocking the venue to a lukewarm crowd.

XXL magazine’s editor-at-large Shaheem Reid hosted the show, attempting to hype up the multi-layered, beanie-wearing audience that still had space on the dancefloor to two-step and shoulder lean comfortably.

Kris Kasanova opened the show, performing as the only artist to bring a live band on stage. A definite crowd favorite, the 23-year-old rapper had the those in attendance hanging on every line, especially during his performance of “War Paint.”

However, the hype wavered as New Jersey’s A.P. took the stage with a prayer-filled set and a gap-filled freestyle. Female rapper Nina B revived the audience and repped Brooklyn hard with live performances of Jay-Z sampled tracks, even bringing a soprano saxophone player on stage to perform the “Death of Autotune” beat. The last opening act, John Connor tried to keep the venue bumping, only to find a less than responsive crowd.

P-I-double-L sat down with before his performance, showing love frequently to his MMG label. “That’s my home team,” he said, “a lotta people on the mainstream (Wale, Torch, Meek Mill) been showin’ me attention.” Regardless of being signed by his mentor Rick Ross, he cites Teflon Don as the last album he listened to that really inspired him, swearing on his deceased mother.

He also says that his collaboration wish list consists of Andre 3000 (“that’s my brother, I’ve known him for six years), Jay-Z and Scarface.

While on tour, Pill has been keeping himself busy. He, along with Big Boi and Killer Mike are set to drop a new single around Thanksgiving. The MMG artist will also be featured in a movie called 96 Minutes, starring alongside Evan Ross and Brittany Snow. He makes his film debut as the character Rodger in a film about “a good kid that has his feet on both sides of the fence – gang life and college life.” The film’s release date is yet to be confirmed.

The Atlanta bred emcee, who scored his rap moniker as a football-playing freshman in Douglas high school scoring touchdowns, also revealed he has no competition. “I sit around and watch ni**as shine and I just come back and ball on ‘em like some old homework.”

When Pill finally took the stage, he tackled his songs to the best of his ability but admitted to being under the influence. His random jokes were evidence of his less-than-sober state, calling a photographer Justin Bieber and complementing a girl in the audience for her “Ghostbusters” haircut.

He still performed to the best of his ability to songs off Self Made including “Rise,” “Big Banks,” “John Doe,” and his first career single “Trap Goin’ Ham.” Pill also gave a shout out to Notorious B.I.G. (who he says used to be his neighbor). As his pants were sagging halfway to his knees, Pill abruptly closed his set with “I’m good. Have a good night.” –Adelle Platon

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