Producer Shawty Redd Beats Murder Charge

Producer Shawty Redd got some good news this week as the Atlanta resident beat an existing murder charge. Back in January 2010, Shawty Redd (Demetrius Lee Stewart) was arrested at his home after police responded to a call he made informing them he shot an associate.

“The defense [in the trial] was clearly self-defense,” said Redd’s attorney, Ashutosh Joshi. MTV News. “We argued that Redd’s life was threatened both verbally and physically, and this occurred in his home and that he shot this gentleman as a result of that.”

The judge handed down the not guilty verdict on Wednesday and Shawty Redd was cleared of the charges on Thursday.

Redd is best known for his work with Young Jeezy, Snoop Dogg, Gucci Mane, and more.