Reality TV Recap – Phaedra Introduces ReDICKulous, Kandi’s Mom Spazzes

In last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra made good on last season’s promise that she knew a stripper who could give himself sloppy top. And Kandi’s 35th birthday party was the perfect opportunity to introduce him! His name is ReDICKulous! As he wowed the crowd–some in a good way, some bad–he decided that being freakishly huge wasn’t enough. So, in order to up the ante, he dipped his peen in Kandi’s drink and slurped it off himself. Watch:

What was even more hilarious was that Kandi’s mom spazzed out. Kandi’s mom is usually pretty open minded but she declared, “This is f*cked up!” And stormed out. When Kandi confronted her mom to apologize, mother revealed that she “don’t like no strippers.” That’s interesting considering the brunch she endured where her daughter was the ring leader in conversation about using sugar candy for oral sex. To each their own, we suppose but mama still can’t deny her freak flag.