Reality TV Recap – Six Obvious Signs Kris & Kim Were Doomed

Kourtney & Kim Take New York debuted their latest season last night on E!. And like everyone predicted, the demise of Kim and Kris Humphries’ short-lived marriage will be the focus of the season. The show opened with tabloid fodder about the pair after the divorce was announced and then rewound 8 weeks prior, which was shortly after their honeymoon and right before the drama really took its toll. The Kardashian clan is still denying rumors that this was contrived for TV (side eye) but at least now suckers Stans devoted fans can get to watch the disaster unfold. We spotted six painfully obvious signs that Kris and Kim were doomed in last night’s episode alone. See our top picks below: 

Newlyweds in a Hotel

Kim and Kris were forced to live in a hotel room with the wife’s sister, boyfriend and a baby. It’s obvious that money wasn’t an issue so wtf! That’s bound to drive anyone batty but then you add cameras to the mix? Blank stare.

Feeling Married

Kris: “This is so different. I really don’t even feel married right now.”

Kim: “I hope you do.”

VIBE: No newlywed wants to hear their spouse saying that they don’t feel married. That translates to a license to wild out. Imagine if the NBA were still in session–groupies galore.

Control/Space Issues

Kris: “She put stuff in the closet…and I threw it on the floor. Just to make a statement.”

Kim: “I can’t live with Kris! He’s just like, such a slob. I’m not used to anyone in my space, let alone in my space and messing it all up.”

VIBE: Kim is obviously a neat freak to the point where it’s borerline OCD but how could she not be used to anyone in her space with all those siblings? Translation: Kim is really saying “I feel crowded and I want to get away from you.”

NY or Minnesota?

He wanted to move to Minnesota, she wanted to stay in the big city for her career. Neither wanted to compromise other than possibly living a long-distance marriage. Um, ok…

Excessive Force

Kim: “You’re so forceful!” Kim says, as he rips her camera out of her hands.

Kris: “You’re my wife now. It’s gonna take a lot to get rid of me.”

VIBE: That sounds ominously like a stalker.

Opposites Don’t Always Attract

Kim: “It’s this fun, glamorous party, and it’s important that Kris is a part of this.” She was trying to convince Kris to go to an event.

Kris’ Response: “You care about that. I don’t give a f—.”

VIBE: He knew what he was getting into and decided to go there any way. #Fail.