Shaq Attack! Shaquille O’Neal’s 10 Wildest Jabs At Kobe Bryant

The Year: 1996

The Jab: Shortly after the Lakers traded for Kobe Bryant during the 1996 NBA Draft, Shaq—who had just signed with LA as a free agent—told the media, “I’m not gonna be babysitting,” in reference to the fact that KB was just 18 at the time.

Our Reaction: Wow, way to welcome a new guy to the team, Shaq! However, we can’t place all the blame on the big man, because Kobe didn’t do much to ingratiate himself to his new teammates. He was a very confident player and that confidence was often mistaken for arrogance. He was also seen as selfish by many of his teammates. So Shaq was likely just trying to humble the young superstar-in-the-making at the time. Safe to say, it didn’t work very well.