Tamar Braxton Discusses Her Solo Project, Toughness Of Marriage, Kim Kardashian’s Divorce

Speaking of, what is going on with your solo project?

I’m definitely happy with the direction it’s going in. At first Vincent and I could not come to an agreement of what kind of music I should sing. Some of the stuff you seen on season one. But it was definitely amplified after the cameras stopped. After the cameras wrapped it was like now I signed my contract it’s time to work on my record. He was like, ‘I don’t want you singing this kind of music. She’s not doing that.’ But if I can’t do it my way it’s not going to happen. I just had to stick to my guns. I had to be true to myself and be true to my artistry because I cannot afford to compromise that never ever again.

What kind of music did you decide on doing, will we get pop, R&B, neo-soul—

I believe it’s a mixture. I think it’s everything that I am. It’s high energy, it’s confident, it’s happy. It’s pop pop poppin’, you know that’s what I do. I think it’s everything you would expect from me.

How has the show helped or hurt your music career?

I’m on TV being myself and I’m a singer first. If I was trying to be a singer and couldn’t really sing then maybe it would hinder me from reaching my goals. But I’m a singer. Point blank period. What you see on the show is just who I am. If you like my personality and think I can sing then nine times out of 10 somebody is going to go and buy my record as long as my songs are hot. But don’t worry about that because my songs are hot.

As a married woman what are your feelings about the Kim Kardashian divorce?

Number one: marriage is hard. It’s not easy. Number two: the first year, nobody tells you this, it’s rough. I don’t care how long you’ve been with the person. I’ve been with my husband eight years total and married coming up on three years. The first year of marriage is tough, tough, tough. I think she has to do what’s right for her. 72 days is definitely not a long time to be married, but maybe she felt like she couldn’t stick it out. I can’t lie and say that first year ain’t tough because it definitely is.

Why do you think you and your sisters are different than the other reality stars and are actual positive role models for young girls?

I think we’re different because number one we don’t choose to be around each other. We’re sisters. My mother raised us to be around each other. We have to make our relationship work. We have to figure out ways to be independent and be respected by each other and make the relationship work. I think we refuse to be disrespectful and foolish on TV. Just in life in general. On TV I ain’t throwing a drink in my sister’s face. Off TV we ain’t fighting physically. I think we are not going to compromise that for anyone or anything. And we stay true to who we are. I think that’s what makes us different. This is not designed for the Braxtons to be reality TV stars. We just thought it was necessary to do and we had to do it because there was nothing for positive women or people who were trying to change their life or just have a regular life to watch and apply it to their own lives. We just thought it was necessary and were willing to do it.

What’s next for you?

I believe the sky is the limit. I’m willing to try anything I believe in. I’m willing to be a part of anything I believe in. That goes hand in hand with movies, endorsements and talking to youth and young ladies about self-esteem, being fine with who they are and being comfortable in their own skin. Those are the things that I believe in right now. And of course me singing. That’s what’s next for me—the sky.