Tamar Braxton Gets Real About Vince’s Health, Her Ego, Season 2

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In person Tamar Braxton is just as boisterous as she appears on the hit reality show Braxton Family Values. Her candor, coupled with her infectious humor instantly made her a fan favorite. Toni may be the household name of the Braxton clan, but Tamar is quickly becoming the most talked about sister. And that’s not a bad thing. Critics think Tamar is too much with her dot com catch phrases and over the top antics, but she’s unapologetic about being happy with who she is.

VIBE.com caught up with the baby of the Braxton bunch and chatted about her solo project, how tough marriage is and why her family is different from other reality stars. —Benè Viera

Let me start off by asking you about your husband, Vince, since he suffered a pulmonary embolism. How is he doing?

Tamar: I’m actually at the hospital right now. He is not having the best day. But he is out of the woods and he’s recuperating. I thank God for that. I really do.

We wish Vince our best with a speedy recovery. It was great seeing you out at the screening of season two in seemingly happy spirits.

I’ve been down since it all happened. It was really nice to be out [at the screening] and around my family, and to watch the first episode. I’d never seen it before last night. It was really nice to get a break because the hospital is a very stressful place. I never knew that until now. It was just really nice to be out and do something positive, to have people laugh and have them get something out of all the hard work we put into our show.

What can viewers expect from the second season?

Well I just think you should expect me to be me. You should expect Trina to finally stand up for herself and decide that she had enough. As you got a good look at last night, Trina is definitely not taking any more stuff. She’s not a doormat anymore. And I applaud her for that. At the end of the day that’s all I was trying to convey to my sisters last season. I wasn’t trying to be in their business. I wasn’t trying to yell at them. I was just saying, ‘Hey, look at yourself, you deserve better. You’re beautiful, you’re respectable, you work hard so you deserve someone that’s going to appreciate the queen that you are.’ So I’m so glad that she decided to take that stance.

Was it hard being vulnerable by putting your business out there and then to read the blogs where people are coming for your neck?

You know what, when the show first came out, definitely. I cannot tell a lie. It was definitely tough. After a few months went by I was like, ‘I am who I am. Point. Blank. Period.’ I can’t change. Jesus ain’t change. I ain’t changing for nobody. I am who I am. You can like it or you do not. The only person I’m going to change for is myself. If I’m not feeling myself anymore then that’s why I’m going to change. Until then, have several seats.

Some of your sisters think that your newfound fame has gone to your head. Has it?

At first I used to think it was absolutely positively ridiculous and just a tad bit rude. But now that I think about it this is a great opportunity. I’ve been waiting my whole life to be a famous singer. Not because I wanted to be famous, but because I wanted to be respected for who I am. What better way to be respected for who you are, not just to have a hit record, but to just be yourself. So I think maybe I might be a little excited, but I’m definitely not disrespectful. And I’m definitely not throwing anything in my sister’s faces. I definitely don’t wish any ill will on anybody.

Have you always been this way from Jump Street? Is what we see on TV what we get in real life?

Absolutely. I think if I was faking I wouldn’t be able to keep it up this long. (Laughs) That would be a whole lot of energy. A lot of people say, “Well, wow, she’s just a bit much.” And you know what? I would definitely have to agree. I don’t know how I ended up this way, but this is just the way that I am. Frankly, I’ve come to the place where I like the way that I am. Yes, there are things that I want to change and there are things I want to tone down. I’m a work in progress and I’m trying to do that. But overall, all and all, I’m happy with me.

You say you get picked on a lot for being the youngest. Which one of your sisters are you the closest to?

I don’t know, I think we have stages. Right now I think I’m the closest to Trina because Towanda and Toni are super duper tight. And Traci and my mom are really close. And Towanda and Traci are really, really close. It’s just that maybe me and Trina are on the same page because she’s working on her solo record and I’m working on mine. So we kind of have that common bond because we know how hard it is. It really is hard work.