Tameka Foster Files For Sole Custody of Sons, Usher Cancels Charge Cards

It remains a battle of he-say she-say between Tameka Foster and her ex-husband Usher Raymond. According to TMZ, Foster has filed–with urgency–for sole custody of their two sons citing that Raymond doesn’t include in parental decisions and has cancelled her Saks Fifth Avenue credit card. She also claims that he has taken their two boys out of the state several times without her permission which he has to by law. She is also requesting that his parental rights be stripped since he has also reneged on paying $5000 per month in order for Foster to hire nannies for the children.

The fire has been smoldering since Usher publicly announced leaving the marriage via “Papers,” and from the paperwork she’s filing now, it looks as if everything is about to get messier.

A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday. VV will keep you updated!

UPDATE: Tameka tweeted this in response to the news…