Team Natural vs. Team Weave: Do We Really Have To Pick A Side?

You’ve embraced your natural curls and worn your own hair out for some time now, but now you’re ready for a change. Maybe that change is a sew-in weave to give yourself a break on maintenance while you’re on vacation or out of town for a work conference. But with this new change are you switching teams? Can you just switch up your mane like that? It seems that when it comes to black women and hair, there’s a great divide: natural vs. weave.

Since when did you become married to your hair? There’s no cardinal sin for changing your ‘do even if it is frequently. The most important thing about any type of hair is care. So whether you have in a luxurious 18 inch weave or a gorgeous twist out, the goal is hair health, not wearing your hair the way the public expects you too. Because anyway you decide to wear your hair – as long as you’re happy with it – is acceptable isn’t it?

Thanks to the media and other jaded opinions from places like glossy women’s magazines, if your hair is full of long straight weave you’re sometimes perceived as shallow, materialistic and superficial. And while the natural girl is known to be celebrated on YouTube and blogs, in mainstream instances she can sometimes be identified as homely, ethnic and plain. Both stereotypes are delusional, as is the thought that you can only be on one “team”.

The power is not in your hair, the power is in the attitude you have towards your hair.

It’s also interesting that society has a way of dividing women based on their hair. Blondes vs. brunettes.  Natural vs. relaxed. Curly vs. straight. And the list goes on.  Yet, men never are really subjected to that type of scrutiny.

Maybe it’s because we’ve let terms like “good hair” go to our heads – pun intended – and determine our ‘do. But let’s be clear, all hair is good hair when it’s taken care of. From products to stylists, your hair has the right to be whatever you want it to be.

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