Team Natural vs. Team Weave: Do We Really Have To Pick A Side?

Over It: Natural vs. Perm

Wearing a weave doesn’t make you less of a person because it’s not your real hair. It’s a preference just like everything else in life – clothes, makeup, etc. It’s your hair – even if you bought it. To judge someone solely based on the fact that they switched from a natural style to extensions is a bit skeptical and unfair.

While being natural is the new movement in Black hair, it doesn’t mean you’re plain, bare and unpolished. Straight or relaxed hair doesn’t equal better, just like being natural doesn’t equal bad. Maybe you’re ready to style the natural texture of your hair versus your usual routine with relaxers and weaves and that’s okay.

To feel guilty or worry about what your friends & family are going to say about your hair is silly. Just because people don’t understand your hair doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace it. Do not let your choice of hairstyle be dependent on social acceptance. If you’re the girl with relaxed hair who usually wears extensions and you want to switch it up by growing out your relaxer, by all means, do you.

In sports, people get traded and switch teams all the time. Not everyone likes it, but it is what it is. When it comes to Team Natural and Team Weave, switch it up as much as you’d like. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is making the player happy – and that’s you.

-Mattie James

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