The Case of Kind Words and Pretty Brown Girls

Only Wale knows the truth of his latest sentiments and whether his misstep in “Pretty Girls” was happenstance or intentional. He’s given no other reason for me to doubt him, and too, because so few rappers who seemingly diss Black women go through the trouble to address it in word, much less action, I’m inclined to believe him. But his new outlook isn’t what raised my eyebrows—first the left, then the right.

Initially, I was disturbed at the number of women e-swooning over Wale’s comments. I wondered ‘are Black women that starved for a compliment that the sentiments of a rapper with an album to sell hit our mush-spot?’ (Admittedly, I’ve become a cynical industry-type.)

But maybe they’re rightfully hungry for a kind word.

Think fast: When was the last time you heard a rapper say something uplifting about Black women? And not like, how he loves that “her waist’s anorexic and her ass is colossal” or some such, but like something anywhere close to ‘there’s a special place in my heart for women who actually look like me?’


Okay, now try again, but don’t just think of rappers, try anyone who’s a public figure who’s not a Black woman.

Ne-Yo? “Ms. Independent” had all Black girls in the video. Does that count?

That’s all I got.

Is it me, or is this a real problem?

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