The Curious Absence of Gloria Cain

–Where in the world is Gloria Cain, the wife of GOP presidential candidate, ordained minister, and five-time accused sexual harasser Herman Cain? And what is she thinking? As her husband of 43 years creates – as my friend Danielle Belton over at The Black Snob put it – “a blueprint for how to blow a presidential campaign that will be studied for years to come,” my inquiring mind, and many others, want to know.

Cain who is fighting to overcome allegations that he sexually harassed women while he led the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, says he has his wife’s full support.

“She’s doing fine, and she’s still 200 percent supportive of me in this whole race,” Cain told conservative talk show host Sean Hannity last Thursday. “She is feeling for me more so, because she knows that [the accusations are] baseless.”

By Sunday night, Cain had opened up a bit more about the Mrs. while on “Geraldo At Large”. “Well when you’ve got to turn on the TV and watch all of the, uh, exaggerations and innuendos about your husband that you know hadn’t done anything wrong, it can have an emotional toll,” Cain told Rivera. “ But she’s doing fine now.”

Oh, really?

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