Three Reasons Why Rihanna’s ‘Talk That Talk’ Will Be A Smash!

Def Jam’s island girl Rihanna released her new album, Talk That Talk, today and with the project already spawning number one hits, the folks at Def Pen Radio are sure Riri’s sixth studio album will be a smash. Check out why they’re sold on the Talk That Talk album:

1. Formula (sound)

Talk That Talk, is safe to say that Rihanna finally knows what her sounds is and she’s improving on it. By looking at Rihanna’s entire discography, including her features on the songs of other artists, no-one can deny that Rihanna is one of the most versatile artists right now. The girl has given us Caribbean, Pop, RnB, Dance, Alternative, Hip-hop and we found out on LOUD, that she could be Taylor Swift’s only black cousin when we heard the country ballad, “California King Bed”. Look at all her eleven Billboard Hot 100 number ones and you will see exactly what I mean.

But why should she continue proving her versatility when she knows that she can do it all? I think Rihanna asked herself this very same question, because Talk That Talk doesn’t feature 7689 different genres. She now knows which songs work well together to create a formula for an album which is solid and consistent. Rihanna compiled her sixth studio album with the sounds that we all know and love her for. Like the dirty synths on “Talk That Talk” feat Jay-Z, the electro-pop smashes like “We Found Love” and “Where Have You Been” and her ability to fuse RnB with reggae and dancehall which can be heard on the majority of the album. I remember before the release of LOUD, LA Reid said that he was aiming for a Thriller type album for Rihanna’s LOUD: no album fillers just hits…well, I think Talk That Talk is Rihanna’s Thriller.