Trivial Pursuit: Do You Come Off Thirsty When Chasing a Mate?

–What did a boy do in kindergarten when he realized he liked you? He pulled your hair. What about when he liked you in middle school? He’d ignore you and tell all his friends how ugly you were. What about in high school? He’d stuff notes in your locker, let you wear his letterman’s jacket (thus claiming you) or even give you his mother’s least favorite necklace (so she wouldn’t notice it was missing). And what about as an adult? You may find a select few that aren’t afraid to give you flowers, send you love notes (or texts) or proclaim to the world that you belong to him, but something’s happened. We’ve lost the romance along the way and as grown women are quicker to label our pursuer thirsty rather than genuinely interested.

Love is supposed to be a losing game, but I believe love is indeed the prize for playing the losing game that is dating. When I moved to NYC from my small town in North Carolina, I thought I would be saturated in a sea of eligible bachelors that I’d either have to fight them off with a stick or break several hearts by choosing one in particular. I didn’t think it would be quite the opposite. My experiences in dating have been frustrating, laughable and down-right unbelievable, but one consistency in my dating life is the palpable lack of romance and wooing. It seems the boys in high school have it right. They remember the small sweet nothings that mean everything to women. So what’s changed in between teenage years and growing up? Have we lost our abilities to court and develop a fine romance?

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