V Exclusive – Erica Mena Talks Kimbella Fight, Working With The Kardashians, Love & Hip-Hop 2

Erica Mena is not new to reality TV. She first appeared on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami and helped Dash launch successfully. However, she completely surprised everyone on Vh1’s Love & Hip-Hop 2 trailer when she threatened fellow model Kimbella. “I know where to find you!” she menaced after they engaged in a catfight. Since that trailer was released, people have been wondering why beautiful women would be so scrappy.

According to Mena, it’s something that viewers will just have to wait and see but she also promises that her time on the show isn’t all about fists of fury.

Mena, who is one of Love & Hip-Hop’s new girls, is primarily known as a model who has appeared in several videos ranging from Chris Brown to 50 Cent and various print ads and magazines, but her next phase is pursuing an acting and singing career. VIBE caught up with the Bronx native to get her first interview about the show. She opened up about what element she brings, the portrayal of women of color of reality TV and how she hopes to display more professional aspects of her personality.

It seemed like you were just a guest on the Love & Hip-Hop 2 trailer but word is that you’re officially on the cast.

I can’t really give too much away but you will be seeing me throughout this season. I’m not an official castmember for this particular season but I’m definitely in the mix. I’v’e been in the game since I was 16, so it makes perfect sense as far as the whole connection with me being part of the show.

There was a rumor that you were replacing Somaye Reece, is that true?

It’s nothing about replacing anybody. The original cast members are what set off this Love & Hip-Hop movement and the fact that we can finally have an outlet to tell our story—we’re definitely looking forward to what’s in store. Everyone is still in the mix, especially Somaya. She’s definitely going hard this season with her career, so no one’s being replaced that I know of. In fact, we added more people so it’s a lot juicier this time around.

So the rumor about Teairra Mari joining is true?

I really can’t say as far as her. Teairra Mari is Emily’s friend so I don’t know what’s going on with that side of things but as far as me, I’m definitely being plugged in to the show just more or less for the new moves that I’m doing with my music and stuff, so there’s a lot of things going on this season. I don’t know too much with Teairra and her role with the show and stuff like that.

You’re not new to reality TV so how did you end up working at Dash on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami?

My son’s father, who is actually Fat Joe’s affiliate, Raul Conde—he does music videos and he’s good friends with Scott Disick and when we were living in Miami Kourtney came because they were about to open the store and she asked me to help her get the store running and basically be one of the girls to help her get everything up and running. It was a great experience for sure.

There was a random blog post that romantically linked you you to Juelz Sananta, which sounded odd.

That’s Kimbella! I’ve been in a 7-year relationship, pretty much since I started in the game. I’ve never dated Juelz. I never actually met him physically. But you know, me and his new thing—whatever her name is—she’s definitely something that I know of.

You mean Kimbella. There’s definitely some history between you and she. What happened?

There’s no real history, it is what it is. I’ve been in the game for some years now so I’ve seen the worst of it, I’ve seen the best of it, I’ve seen who is who and what is what. When you’re around, you know what’s what and that’s all I can really say as of right now.

Kimbella seems to get under a lot of people’s skin from what I’ve saw in the trailer.

What it is with me is that I hold no bars. I’m definitely one of those chicks that when I feel it, I say it. It is what it is; I’ll deal with the consequences later. Whether you like what I say or how I am, you either hate it or love it.

What can we expect to see from you on Love & Hip-Hop?

I’m definitely that crazy, sexy cool girl. You’re gonna see, I’m not prissy. I’m a Bronx girl so I definitely have my little wild factors. But at the same time, I’m all about my career too. I’ve never really been that kind of girl where it’s like I’m the big bully that gets that kind of attention. I never wanted that attention. My thing was to get into this whole thing and actually make it, and not be that two-minute hot girl, which tends to be the game plan for a lot of girls these days. Yeah, I’ve been in booty magazines and did music videos but guess what? I can be on Nickelodeon too if I want to! So I’m giving a different dynamic view than the average model. It’s not always about who has the bigger tits and ass, or who’s showing what. I’ve never been into that so I’m gonna make known that there’s different sides of the game and there are women that actually do this because at the end of the day, career is definitely the goal.