From the VIBE Vault: Ja-Rule Talks About Preparing Himself for Prison

Just a week before Ja-Rule began serving his prison sentence for weapons possession and tax evasion, VIBE caught up with the rapper at Daddy’s House recording studio for one last sit down. In this clip, listen to Rue explain how he prepared himself to do hard time.

Recently, producer 7 Aurelius spoke on Ja’s Pain is Love 2 getting pushed back to 2012.

“Me and Rule have to capture all the magic around us until he goes in, otherwise we are doing an injustice to his fans,” he continued, calling the LP his “most provocative and his most personal album to date.” “If we had stopped in April just to be able to turn it in to Fontana for a June 7 date, PIL2 would not be what it is now. They have acknowledged that because it’s Ja Rule, they will give it a fast track release once it is turned in and that would be digital and hard copy.”

Stay tuned for more from VIBE’s exclusive interview with Ja-Rule.