VIBE VIXEN: In Case You Missed It: Love and Hip-Hop Episode 2 Recap

The first episode of “Love and Hip-Hop” Season 2 served up loads of drama last week. Lastnight, the drama subdued as the cast members attempted to piece together what exactly happened the night of the fight.

Chrissy revealed to Jim Jones that she got into a fist fight with the mother of Julez Santana’s child, Kimbella, which might essentially present a problem between them all. Just like a man, Jim doesn’t pay her much attention.

Emily and Kimbella meet up to discuss what seemed to be the cause of her whooping by Chrissy, her involvement with Fabolous while he and Emily were together. Kimbella explained that she did not know they were together. Regardless, Kimbella picked the wrong place and time to tell Emily. The way she invited Emily out to talk is how she should have went about the issue to begin with.

Meanwhile, Somaya struggles with her manager who does nothing for her and prepares for a show. At the show, Somaya gave the audience more than they could handle because her pants were unzipped. Definitely a very comedic way to end off the episode.

Stay tuned for next week’s recap.

(Via VIBE Vixen)