Vixen Chat: Indigo Charlie Dishes On Darkest Relationship, Style Risks + Today’s Fashion Icons

Soon-to-be graduate and rising songstress Indigo Charlie is a wave of fresh sounds and quirky chic style. The 20-year-old FIDM student is on the brink of breaking into a soulful lane all of her own creation and climbing the ladder, simultaneously, in the fashion world. Having an equal love for timeless threads and music (oh, and cookies made her Ruthless Records exec mom), this beautiful, natural-haired delight is definitely a Vixen you should know. First getting a major buzz from “Never Change” then tapping into a new, easy single, “Cool Love,” she has a bright future and a relatable pen game that’ll have any girl shouting affirmations. We grabbed the eclectic Cali girl to talk about everything from her dream collaborations and darkest moment in love to the Olsen twins and her beauty must-haves. Get into her now and thank us later -Niki McGloster [Photo: Benjamin Godfre, Clothing: Alexander Kosztowny]

Let’s talk a little bit about what sparked your love for singing.
Before my dad passed away, he owned a record label and my mom has been in the music industry for almost 20 years. I’ve really experienced being that three or four-year-old kid running around the record label and wanting to sneak into the listening sessions. It would be a new Outkast song [playing], and I’ll be like, Oh that’s dope! That’s where my love for it really started. At a young age, I was really exposed to the business side of it. Even though both of my parents worked in more of the hip hop mainstream realm of music, both of them listened to a really eclectic mix of things. At home, music was a really big thing at our house, and I would just sing and sing. I am able to hear a song once and know all the lyrics by the end of the song, from the breath to the ad libs. So the older I got, I started to get into the school plays, school chorus, things like that, and the first time I was on stage in front of people, I thought, This is what I want to do.

How is juggling FIDM as a visual communication major and gaining traction in your music career?
I was actively pursuing fashion because it was my every day. Fashion was my every day thing, and I would be in the studio here and there. Once I put out my first song “Never Change,” it all changed. From the response that it got and how I felt, it changed everything. Music is my A plan and I would say fashion is probably my B plan. It’s giving me a safety net because the music industry can be so up and down. The road can sometimes be really long, and it’s just not good to put all your marbles in one basket.

What was the inspiration behind “Never Change”? Was it a personal situation?
“Never Change,” for me, was definitely a personal story but not necessarily about one person. It was kind of taking all of the relationships I had been in. I’ve taken those pains and things like that and combined them into one. I was like, okay, eff him, eff him and eff him. [Laughs]

[Laughs] There a sadness and darkness to that record a bit too. Is that the sound you love to play with?
I really do love to play with that sound. People will describe me as really smiley, really happy, really chatty and social. That part of me that’s a little bit darker come from my dad’s death and some of the hurt I’ve had from friendship. I don’t necessarily put those feelings on other people. I’m a true Virgo to the sense that I’m very private in those matters of my life and how I express them, so when you’re listening to “Never Change” or “On The Edge,” you’re really listening to the truest form of my personality and the conversations that I would have with my mom. I know it’s kind of ironic because now it’s on the Internet and the world can hear my private thoughts, but it’s a sense of therapy for me.

What inspiration do you take from other artists?
The biggest influence on me would be Lykke Li. I feel like she writes about some of the saddest things when you break down the lyrics, but she’s not being so obvious. She’s talking about really relatable stuff, but it’s really sad. Sometimes she’s putting it over some of the most incredible beats that’s going to make you dance. I was inspired by that the most. I’ve met her and she’s super super sweet. Like, the awkwardness of her being, I think, is so pleasant and interesting.

Would you say that’s your personality as well? A little bit quirky, a little bit eclectic and a little awkward?
I’ve had some people say that I was a weirdo in the best way, in the most positive way. I like interesting things, things that are off the straight line. I’m inspired by the strangest things, like I’ll see the prettiest situation in the ugliest setting.

Well something that can be ugly sometimes is a relationship. What has been your darkest moment?
My darkest moment in a relationship? I would have to say it was when I was a little bit younger, and I was dating an older boy who I just thought was like bees knees of life! ‘Oh he’s so crazy! He’s on the football team! He’s so cute!’ It was probably the first time I thought I was in love with somebody and he ended up being around the way with a girl I use to be friends with. And you know you have this moment where you’re like giving [him] rope. I gave the rope, and for lack of a better word, he hung himself. Four years later, they’re still together.