Vixen Chat: Indigo Charlie Dishes On Darkest Relationship, Style Risks + Today’s Fashion Icons

Oh my gosh! Are you dating anyone now?
I’m super focused. That doesn’t mean I’m not looking because there are really cute guys in LA, but I am really focused. I think God will bring somebody to me when the journey is right. When somebody is ready to stand next to me and be support, then they’re ready for the journey. Until then, it’s all to the back.

It’s all about you right now! As far as style, it seems like you take risks similar to your music. How does your personality match your look?
I was a drag queen with a stripper best friend in my past life because I have this fascination with drama and beauty. Something about strippers I don’t know what it is, it’s just fascinating to me. [Laughs] I think there’s something about those shoes clanking that just makes me melt, so I’m definitely taking that and putting that in my personal style. I’m definitely on the 1940s dresses all the way and stripper heels. That’s it. I take the old soul of my personality, I put it on the top, then I put a little bit of the risk with the fascination and put it on the bottom. It makes a nice balance; it’s classic and risky.

I love it! Now, if you could work at any fashion label, who would it be for?
Giorgio Armani! I love what the brand stands for as a whole. The lines and the cuts of the menswear and the level of pure attention to detail that comes in with the couture pieces. It’s a classic and timeless brand, and I’m bias because I work there as an intern at the company. I’ve wanted to work there since I was a junior in high school.

Which celebrity closet would you raid and why?
The celebrity’s closet I would raid in a heartbeat would be Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Hands down, the fashion icons of my generation. I don’t think you could give the fashion icon to truly anyone else. They pioneered hobo chic, in my opinion. They were really the first [young] people to be really into fashion as a whole and more than just being dressed by a designer. They were part of the culture that is fashion, and I just think that every single decision that they make in fashion is brilliant. They don’t just take the garment for what it is and wear it off the runway. Even if they take the garment off the runway, it will be amazing. But to take something that’s already amazing and put your stamp on it and make it ten times more than it was on the runway, there’s only a handful of people who I know that can do that. That’s amazing to me.