Vixen Chat: Jackie Christie Talks Love, (Reality) Life + Being the First Lady of the League

So your new book, Sexual Relations: A His and Her Guide to Great Intimacy, will offer more tips like this on how you’ve made it work and how others can too?
Yes, I named it Sexual Relations because I wanted people to pay attention.  They’re going to say this is one of those books, but when they get in it, they will see that I also have celebrities and guest authors in there as well. But intimacy is one of the main ingredients in a relationship, and it doesn’t always have to be physical. It’s the intimate things you do like talking, watching a movie, or washing the dishes together. You know—all the sweet things you do with and for your husband, boyfriend, fiancé or whatever. There are also tips that help keep the fire burning. It’s going to be an all-around great little handbook for women and men.

When can we get the book?
It will be out in February before Valentine’s Day. The cover is out, and I’m excited about that. A lot of people want to special order it, so I’m going to start taking orders December 10th.

So you’ve been writing while developing a fashion line too?
Yes, my Jackie Christie “Black Collection” debuted at LA Fashion Week this year and received rave reviews. My stuff is specially made for all women, not just those of average model size. Right now, orders are being taken at my website,, but my dream is to create a line for Target, making it affordable for everyone. So we’re talking with them and different people, so Jackie Christie will be available in select stores pretty quick.

Lastly, we have to know, what’s with the “First Lady of the League?”
Yes, I said it, and what I meant by that was I paid my dues. I’ve been married to my husband for 16 years, and we started out at a time in the NBA when guys weren’t really showing their families or letting everyone know that this is my wife or this is my queen. So we took a lot of heat from the media and everybody else. I wasn’t saying it in a way that I’m better than any of the other wives, that was kind of misconstrued. I’m saying I paid my dues. I’m here, I’m with Doug, I love him, and I’m first lady to him. I don’t have issue with the beautiful women in the NBA that went before me. The first lady of the league is just how I view myself.

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- Arlice Nichole