Vixen Chat: Nema Kamar Talks ‘Lavish Life,’ Fave Fashion Brands + What She Wants From Diddy

How important is personal image for you, particularly in this business?
I love getting dressed up, so it’s not like work for me. It’s an excuse for me to go out shopping and buying a pair of shoes. [Laughs] It’s so much fun for me!

What’s your signature beauty look?
I love to switch it up. I watch what’s going on the runway.

You like to keep it fun and different.
Yes, and I definitely try and take care of my skin, too, because I’m always wearing so much makeup.

So, what’s your skin care regimen?
I wash my face every day and exfoliate. I definitely use the eye cream and all that stuff because I’m around smoke and alcohol, I’m always having pounds of make up on.

What brands do you use?
I’m allergic to everything, so everything has to be either organic. I was in Sephora, and they said there’s [a skin care product] from Europe for people with sensitive skin. I’ve been addicted to it ever since.

Lastly, What celebrity that you haven’t thrown a party for, that you would love to? Top three.
I love Julia Roberts. Her energy is so cool. Of course I have to say Oprah. I mean, come on! Oprah probably throws her own parties, but if I could, I would be so happy. Oh, and I would like to show Diddy what I’m made of. I know he throws the best parties, but I would like say, ‘Let me show you what I got.’ All I need is a budget!