Vixen of the Day: Safiya Songhai

Name: Safiya Songhai
Age: 27
Location: Empire State of Mind, NY
Occupation: Film Director/ Journalist / Professor
Style: Afro-eclectic
Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: All this girl needs is water, fruit, & vegetables. Without a healthy diet, everything else is just a desperate cover-up.

Inspired by: Phylicia Rashad – elegantly astute; Angela Bassett – strikingly regal; Anika Noni Rose – jubilantly charismatic; and my Grandmother Connie – the Prototype for all of her exquisite progeny

A Vixen is…
In slow motion she strides,
Her hair-style crowned
with a flower or charm gently fixed in.

Silky skin, sultry curves,
firm muscle and tone,
the spice of lavender scent lightly mixed in.

Without a word,
she whispers, with a warm knowing smile
“Mother nature’s the maker of Vixens.”