Vixen Trends: Winged Liner + Cat Eyes

Winged liner (commonly referred to as the “cat eye”) is one of the most popular and timeless makeup looks of all time. Beauty icons from Marilyn Monroe to Diana Ross to Rihanna have all rocked the cat eye fiercely at some point. Winged liner flatters every eye shape and size, whether small, round, almond, or large, and a sexy cat eye punches up any makeup look with a little extra oomph. It adds instant glamour and definition, with the ability to take you from around-the-way girl to “WHO is that?!” girl. Wanna take your glare a step further and give your eyes some added attitude? These liner looks take the traditional cat eye to the next level for an interesting spin on a timeless classic.

Don’t forget to add some false lashes for even more drama! *Bats eyelashes*