Vixen TV: Ginger + Liz Creators Talk Nail Colour Collection, Nails Tips

Ginger + Liz founders Ginger Johnson and Liz Pickett launched their non-toxic nail lacquer collection that Vixens must have! Vegan friendly and colourful, this collection (which have been adorning nails since February 2010) is safe for those who have a tough time with the strong stench and allergens of other brands. We visited the ladies at Lali Lali Salon in NYC to learn all we need to know about the G+L manicure, what inspires the lacquer names like “Hold The Drama” and which female celebs (and one lucky G+L guy) could definitely be seen rocking the shades!

Oh, and if you’re patiently waiting on more from the G+L execs, listen up on how they plan to expand!

Watch their interview below…

Visit their website to buy the collections and learn great manicure tips! Also, follow them here —> @GINGERandLIZ

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