What Do You Think The City With The Most Shopaholics Is?

When you think of a city where it’s inhabitants might have a bit of spending problem, what places cross your mind? Bundle conducted a survey to find the “Top 10 Shopaholic Cities in the U.S.,” and as it turns out, Washington, D.C is home to most of the nation’s shopaholics.

They tracked spending in the most populated places to compile the list. The survey found that the average American spends $142.08 while average residents of the capital spent $263 on goodies for their closet. Here is the rest of the list:

2. Arlington, Va.: $254.58
3. Nashville, Tenn.: $251.17
4. Scottsdale, Ariz.: $243.17
5. Dallas, Texas: $228.58
6. San Francisco, Calif.: $227.42
7. San Jose, Calif.: $221.17
8. Seattle, Wash.: $221.17
9. Austin, Texas: $213
10. Bakersfield, Calif.: $201.50

Vixens, do you live in any of the cities listed? Do you agree? Why or why not?