What She Say? Erica Mena: “I Had To Be A Bronx B*tch And Snuff Her”

Welp. The Love & Hip Hop 2 ladies keep pouring their hearts out. Model and actress Erica Mena (who you can catch at the 3:20 mark here) talked to VIBE about the glass-throwing catfight between her and cast member Kimbella on the upcoming VH1 series. Hailing from NY, she’s used to having to throw down how she did and says none of it was made-for-TV.

Although Erica mentions her “role” on the show, it seems more as if she’s an unofficial part of the crew. We’ll let you be the judge. Check out some excerpts from the interview below:

“I definitely did not expect any fighting and to get physical but at the same time, it’s like when you’re in the situation, whether the cameras are rolling or not, it’s the real deal. [Kimbella] throwing that glass at me—like I said, whether cameras are there or not, how I reacted is just how I would react for any situation, whether I was on the show or not.”

” Obviously my words hurt her so she decided to become a Basketball Wife and throw a glass at me so I had to be a Bronx b*tch and snuff her.”

” You can’t really feed into the critics because at the end of the day, if we didn’t have talking, if we didn’t have half the stuff that we have going on, there wouldn’t be much of a buzz. I had to throw down. I had to protect myself and whether I was on TV or not, I would’ve done it.”

” It’s not all fighting. As far as my point of me being in the show, my whole role is to show I’m a young mom, I just left a seven-year relationship and I busted my ass doing all this, you know, all the work I have on my resume, I busted my ass doing the right way – going to castings and actually talking to somebody and going to the set for free.

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