What She Say? Laura Govan: “You Don’t See A Lot Of Black People Supporting Each Other”


Basketball Wives LA cast member Laura Govan didn’t hesitate to spill about her relationship with Gilbert Arenas, the rollercoaster season or even her weight loss with VIBE.com. The mother of four even shared her views as to why the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and other reality shows based around white women aren’t nailed to the wall in the same fashion as black women. She had this to say:

“I think we all contribute to the same drama but our stuff is portrayed as ghetto. With White people it’s like, they have money. So, it’s kind of messed up because the way it’s portrayed is jacked up but for the most part we’re doing the same thing they’re doing but we get it harder. And then we’re so hard on each other as women. As Black people it’s hard to succeed or get anywhere. From what I see, White people support each other and you don’t see a lot of Black people supporting each other. I think if we all came together and supported one another we could be running this on some other stuff.”

Miss Laura has a point. Our reality shows–although petty, dramatic and not-so-peachy 100% of the time–aren’t supported by our community. Should they be?


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