What She Say? Rihanna: “I Don’t Want To Become A Gimmick”

Rihanna is our generation’s racy princess. With songs like “S&M,” she blatantly doesn’t shy away from naughty banter. However, with such a glaring sexual cloud looming over her head (negative or positive, depending on how you look at it), RiRi wants to “scale back” her risque look to avoid a set image.

Here’s what the Talk That Talk pop star had to says:

“I kinda just wanted to scale right back instead of having a look,” shared the songstress. “I didn’t want to make it such a big deal about what hair color or what cut [I have]. I just wanted to go right back to something simple and something flexible, something a little more natural.”

“It’s more about the music,” continues Ri. “I don’t want to become a gimmick — ever. Well, I ran out of [hair] colors, so that’s why I decided to go back to my natural color. I’m just really having fun with the music and the style is a lot more accessible. It’s more lifestyle, it’s not so much a look or a costume, which I really enjoy.”

With a new outlook, the rebel Roc lady has taken on brown hair and more casual threads. Hopefully, she doesn’t revoke her sexually liberating message either!