What The…? Drake Sets Sights on Sephora Collab

Drake’s obsession with smell, he admitted to New York Magazine, has led him to a collaboration with major cosmetic retailer Sephora! Now, Vixens, we love the shop, but can we handle a rapper stomping in our territory? Unfortunately for us, we have no say in the matter. According to the interview, he’s already begun his trek into the beauty biz.

“My dream, to be honest with you, my goal, is to form a fragrance and lifestyle line like candles, incense, room spray, and fragrance. I like Sephora for the store that I’d like to put it in. So that’s a big thing for me. I’m actually working on it.”

Candles? Incense? He’s creating an arsenal for men to woo women which, now that we think about it, may not be so bad. Think you could learn to love Drake’s lifestyle brand?

Let’s see what he does with this.

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