Wish List: 3 Things We Want to See on ‘T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle’

1. The least amount of sex-related talk between T.I. and Tiny!
Seriously, no shade. But honestly, we don’t want to watch them be freaky-deaky on the small screen. We want the inside scoop of their reality, not a dose of borderline X-rated dirty talk. Love on, just do it in taste. Okay? Great!

2. Father-daughter moments!
It’s awesome to see how much time spends with his sons Domani, King and Major (shown in the trailer), but we want to see the intimate moments he shares with his daughters. In today’s world, little girl become lost a lot quicker without their daddies around, and T.I. was down for two years (almost consecutively). Letting us take a peek at what lessons he shares with them and how he helps mold their definition of a man will be interesting, and, hopefully, refreshing.

3. T.I. with celebrities!
Although this show focuses on his family life, audiences want to see how T.I. conducts his business. It’s not often we get full-access to the life and times of a rap artist, especially one who is getting acclimated to life outside of prison. Getting a backstage pass to his shows and appearances will be a treat, indeed.

What else do you want to see on the show?