Would You Date The Drake Type?

Emotions spill out everywhere when Drake drops a few bars or hits some key notes. Ladies, we’ve been notoriously known to crank “Fancy” at high volumes before hitting the club, sending that good ol’ ex-text after “Marvin’s Room” plays across late night radio waves and dedicating “Best I Ever Had” to a special summer boo. But what exactly would we do if this type of guy was real in our worlds. Would you be amped to get a text that says, “I get lonely too,” respond with pleasure to “I know you still think about the times we had,” or would you cheese grin at a text that reads, “You don’t need no one else”?

Most often, we’re used to dating men with mucho machismo. Yep, some of us have kicked it with mister thug passion or have gone steady with the not-so-nerdy type, but the Drake-esque fellow is a special breed of man. Even the mama’s boys can throw us for the okie doke sometimes, while the Drake type is the one who is painfully honest and emotional, having no qualms with detailing his lessons in love and loss. While he does everything we think we want a man to do, is he breaking the man laws we’re so used to witnessing and accepting? Are the emo levels too high? Men usually tuck their emotions away until the day their girl actually packs up and leaves. The Drake type? He’s telling you exactly how he feels before the argument gets too deep. Could it be that’s the balance needed in relationships these days?

Instead of women playing the guessing game, it seems appropriate (and not effeminate) that a guy can openly express how he’s feeling and what he’s thinking. A well-balanced Drake tends to tip-toe on the line of Too Much and gets a strong reaction from his lady fans. Consequently, it’s quite possible that men need to draw closer to that general area to understand the inner workings of a woman. Not too a tee, of course (we’re still pretty sly creatures), but well enough that he can navigate love and maintain respect.

Or is it all just a role? Take Care Drake likes his strippers, his life on the road, and, well, he likes for his lady to just be cool with that. Could he just be Mr. Machismo in Mr. I Get Lonely Too’s clothing? Hmm…

Overall, Vixens, what would you do it? Would you date the Drake type?

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