WWMD Cast Talks Female Empowerment, What To Accept About Men + Sex Toys In Bed

Crime-fighting Charlie's Angels? Nah. Raw, uncut ladies candidly conversing about dating, relationships and whatever's in between? Heck yes!

Online web series WWMD is a show for the 20-something Vixen mind. Admit it, ladies. There are just some things that we don't know about these men who hail from Mars, and these three women--Chazeen Pemberton, Guerdley Cajus and Tracy Garraud--decided to help us out alongside an ever-changing panel of male minds. Women everywhere have woes with the opposite sex. Whether we're seeking the truth about what he likes in a woman or baffled that he's not initiating a second date, these women are airing it all out. A biblical guide to relationship know-how? Indeed! And the best part? The staunch honesty of each woman who is completely confident in what she brings to her own love rollercoaster. There's a lot to be learned from these three Vixens (especially in the 60 Seconds of Heat we served up!), so read carefully and take notes! -Niki McGloster

VIBE VIXEN: What’s the back-story on WWMD? How’d you ladies link up?
CHAZEEN: We all went to college together and we used to have a saying, 'If guys can do it, then why can't we? WWMD!' We had it going for years and years, and then we noticed that other people started saying it. I was like, we have to turn this into a venture. We have very different personalities, are from different walks of life and we each represent a different female in this world and how they approach the whole dating scene. The whole idea and the focus was to provide an outlet for women. We talk about dating, but men often say, 'You don’t know what you’re talking about. You all draw your own conclusions and are over-analytical,' so we thought to bring these men on the show and find out their point of view of how we’re supposed to view things and approach and react to these situations.

Chazeen, you mentioned that each girl represents a different walk of life, so what does each one of you all represent as a female on the show?
Left field. Liberal. Every point is outside of the box. Often times, a girl will get mad at me because I see the male’s view point, and I’ll kind of be against the women. Not in a way where that there’s self-hate, but in way where I’m like, 'Stop being hyper-feminine, grab your testosterone and let’s go.' A little bit of a tomboy, but overall left-field.
GUERDLEY: I’m the woman that’s big on being a woman. Femininity reigning! My perspective when it comes to gender politics is always "ladies first.” Honestly, I know it’s important to know what a man will do, but what a woman will allow is more important. I’m really big on a woman owning with her beauty and physical aspect as well. Va-va-va-voom! It’s definitely about being a feminist because I think we’re godly. I feel like we’re put on the Earth to set the tone. My problem with men is they don’t understand that. That’s why I’m on the show. [Laughs]
Chazeen: I’m known for being the more conservative one, in a sense, I feel like the guy should initiate the date and pay for it. I am the one who doesn’t do sex on the first night or f*** buddies. That’s not me. I need to be courted. I’m more of a serious girl, the traditional girl that practices everything your mother taught you to do. I believe there’s certain things men should do, and that’s the only way you’re going to get a date with me. [Laughs]

Why do you think it’s important for women to get into the minds of men?
Chazeen: It just makes for a better dating life overall. If we understand them and what they're thinking--because we’re so Venus versus Mars--there would just be more success in our dating lives which is something we all want to accomplish here
Guerdley: Even for a woman who’s not looking for an average dating life, we carry a lot of burdens because of relationships gone wrong. It’s important to, at least, understand what happened. It’s natural for a woman to carry more than she needs to, and if we have it well articulated from a male’s perspective, that’s an easier pill to swallow than thinking, I wasn’t good enough.
Tracy: You need to also update yourself on where men and women are right now in relationships. Men aren’t thinking the exact same way they were thinking when you were in high school. That same boy you were crushing on when you were 13 [years old] actually could be a good man right now or be thinking things differently. When we were younger, there wasn’t any Twitter or Facebook. Texting wasn’t an accepted form of communication as it is right now, so I think it’s important for women to get an updated version on what’s going through the minds of men and women right now.
Chazeen: We’re here to brainstorm [for] the average woman, to keep us from going crazy. A unique part of our show is that we interview all different types of men from all walks of life to understand what different men think because not all men are the same. We’ll always get the I-don’t-know-it-depends-on-your-situation answers, so we always have two men on our panel. We also have a “Take It To The Street” session where we interview all different types of men to get a collective amount of responses.

[Laughs] Do you feel like with these honest conversations you’re hoping double standards will fade away?
Guerdley: I do. I think they’ll fade away. I think as soon as women honor they are powerful beyond belief--like the women of Sparta who all said, 'We’re not going to have sex with you men until you agree not to go to war'--and really hold on to that, we can make a shape-shift. I think women can control a lot with our sex.
Chazeen: I disagree. I think we’ll be forever barred by these double standards.
Tracy: One thing that sucks about our conditioning as women is that we’re conditioned to go to war with one another. Whereas men are programmed to go to war collectively. They’re very familiar when it comes to each other, even when they’re strangers. With our show, as opposed to having one female speak surrounded by guys, there’s a camaraderie of women, and we learn from each other. If women, collectively, come up with a decision of what we expect our men to do, they have no other choice but to follow. We’re just about spreading that conversation.

I definitely agree. Women need to form a unified front. With that said, what are three things you wish women will just accept about men?
Tracy: Women shouldn’t take it personally when men just want alone time. You just have to respect someone’s autonomy.
Guerdley: Another thing women have to accept when it comes to men is they’re only on a high pedestal because society placed them there. I think a lot of our pain stems from disillusionment; they’re not at the standards we hoped they’d be. Before they’re men, they’re human.  I think if we accept the fact that they are flawed, then we wouldn’t get hurt as much.
Chazeen: Take the guy as he is, and if he happens to change, that’s great. But don’t walk into a relationship expecting the guy to change for you.

If you could have any male celebrity on the show, who would it be and what would you ask him?
Chazeen: Idris Elba. I would want to know what type of women he’d want to date, from physical down to my profession. There are a lot of women out there who’d want to date an Idris Elba, so we’d have to know what an Idris Elba would want.
Guerdley: If I could have anybody, I would have this YouTube personality, Jerry LaVigne Jr. because he’s such a blatant chauvinist and he’s so well articulated with his arguments. I would just love to have him on the show to contest him and shut it down.
Tracy: This is a wet dream, but Kanye [West], man. Even if you agree with him, it always comes out as a debate.
Chazeen: I want to have a white man on the show, too. I would love to have Matthew McConaughey on the show; a single one. I don’t think anyone else cares, but I do. He’s very good looking!

Okay, ladies. Since you always dish it, you get the chance to take it! Here's the Vixen Version of "60 Seconds of Heat." First: Metrosexual man or man’s man?
Tracy: Neither. Half and Half. In touch with your feminine and masculine side. I hate a man’s man.
Guerdley: I need a man’s man. I need a guy who looks like he can chop down a tree. [Laughs]
Chazeen: Half and Half. I’d date both.
Guerdley: But you got to love your mother, that’s my thing.
Tracy: You can’t be in the bathroom longer than me!
Chazeen: Man’s man, but you need to take pride in the way you look.

Date a friend of a friend or a stranger? T, we already know how you feel…
Tracy: No strangers! Women, stop dating strangers especially in New York City! They can look good and be a serial killer, and if they’re not a serial killer, something else is bad. Friend of a friend, I need insurance.
Guerdley: I’m a serial stranger dater. I can’t help it. One thing I’ve found problematic with dating guys in the circle is I roll with so many pretty girls, so I don’t want you if you’re already pressing up against my friend.
Tracy: The great thing about dating strangers is that you probably get more dinner dates out of that. If I’m with a friend, there’s more casual stuff. With a stranger, there’s more to impress.
Chazeen: You may think I wouldn’t, but we’re in New York City. There are more opportunities to meet strangers, but I do a check before I go [on a date]. Google and all.

Sex toys in bed or just the two of you?
Tracy: With a girl? Why not? It’s almost obligatory. With a guy? I don’t want to emasculate my man where he’s supposed to be the most fulfilled. I will try anything twice, but I’m into singular love.
Guerdley: I don’t do any toys. I don’t believe it’s necessary because we built up to that point and this where I stand and this is where I believe the woman is the most powerful. I’m going to seduce you and show you the reason why all the things I requested up to this point was necessary.
Chazeen: Same thing here.

Sex within the first 3 months or the 3-month rule?
Guerdley: I got to know what’s going on. If we aren’t compatible sexually, I need to know immediately. Sooner than later!
Tracy: That’s pretty much the same deal with me. Sex is a very top priority for me when it comes to a lasting monogamous relationship. I need to know early on. If I wait more than three months, I’m probably not having sex with you. I’m probably breaking up with you. [Laughs]
Chazeen: My thing is special and you don’t get it until you earn it. I just feel like it’s best for me to wait to avoid that emotional attachment.

Follow and Friend him on Twitter and Facebook or "no way"?
Tracy: Follow him on Twitter. Everyone has a little stalker in them. It’s better to be on Twitter rather than Facebook because you don’t have to go to their actual page. You don’t have to as be proactive. Their updates are swarming down with a bunch of others, so you won’t see anything too crazy.
Guerdley: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I just have to make sure how I sound online.
Tracy: I think it’s important to see how your social persona is on online and in person because people react differently. It’s easy to have a completely different online persona. I don’t want to see how you are online because that might determine how I view you. Are you a cornball or an asshole? I know a lot of assholes who are punk-bitches online.
Chazeen: I use Facebook as another one of my background checks. [Laughs]

[Laughs] You three are WILD! I love it. Lastly, what do you want people to know and take from the show?
Chazeen: It’s hard to narrow it down to one thing. We just want to open up the eyes of women so that they can get a better understanding of men and the male mind. Hopefully they won't just take it in, but they’ll put it into practice and give men a run for their money and develop successful and positive relationships.
Guerdley: I just want women to feel sexy. It’s important. When women have that confidence, we’re far more successful in our relationships. We’re not going to leave feeling relationship downtrodden; we’ll leave feeling like queens. That’s an effect I want to see happen from the show.
Tracy: A lot of the shows that speak about relationships for girls have black women steering that conversation and are usually for women who are in their thirties looking for that marriage material. We’re in our twenties, and that’s our core audience. It’s not a Single Ladies show or a reality show like Basketball Wives. I think it’s really important for women to feel empowered at younger ages. Don’t wait until you’re 35! Feel it when you’re 25. I haven’t found anyone that isn’t a singer that I can identify with at a high platform. I think that’s really the goal having our time slot.
Chazeen: A secondary mission is educating these men as well. People may ask, 'Why so many women on the panel?' We feel our thoughts need to be heard too--how we think. It can’t be a one-sided thing. Men need to understand our minds and why we ask these questions, and that’s important for our audience to know as well.

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