Yay or Nay? Staying Together For the Kids

Last week on Love & Hip Hop, all of our hearts went out to Emily B. and her daughter, Taina, who was having a hard time dealing with her parents’ separation. Poor kid, I thought, as she expressed her reservations about Emily leaving Fab and moving into their own apartment. I’ve never personally gone through a separation with my parents, but I understood where Taina was coming from. Still, I had to side with Emily for stepping away from a relationship that wasn’t healthy.

In a perfect world, relationships would last forever. I’m a grade-A romantic, and I love to see happy couples and families. Who wouldn’t love for Usher and Tameka to still be happily married and parenting their two beautiful sons together under the same roof? Everybody knows that children are extremely observant and easily influenced by their surroundings, so I get the logic behind staying together for the sake of the kids. You want your children to grow up in a two- parent household and to see you and their father together. But is that always the healthiest option?