21 + Up: GIVEN Liqueur Presents Karen Civil, Sharon Carpenter and Sachika Twins

Creator Michael Mills conjured up a smooth-tasting liqueur for a sophisticated, high-class lifestyle. GIVEN, made from sauvignon blanc grapes, tequila and natural lime juice, has an award-winning beverage that panders to both men and women. While the delicate combination is pronounced gee-vahn, the tagline for this ad was “Never GIVEN Up.” Tapping hip-hop blogger Karen Civil, broadcast journalist Sharon Carpenter and fashion design duo To-Tam and To-Nya Sachika to bring the brand’s message to life, GIVEN allowed each professional woman to express tales of how they’ve succeeded in their respective industries.

Beginning with two 8-plus-hour days of photoshoots and filming and ending with a celebratory launch party, all involved were proud to be apart of a women-driven movement!