3 Reasons We Need To Be Checking For Samantha Black

2. She isn’t discouraged by that old ‘Black tax.’

Samantha told Essence.com, “I feel as though if I did a gold sequin piece exactly the same as a non-Black designer… mine would be consider urban and the other designer’s luxurious. So it can be hard.” But, she isn’t discouraged. Which leads us to reason number three we need to be checking for Samantha.

3. Samantha’s journey as a new designer has made her stronger.

Samantha isn’t discouraged, in fact she’s better for it. She doesn’t get disappointed easy and is way better at picking herself up and moving forward. She’s just grateful for the progression.

To further cement why we should be checking for Samantha Black and her line, Sammy B designs, below are some of her looks. You can shop the collection for yourself here.

- Channing Hargrove