4 Predictions for Diddy’s Huge 2012 Announcement

4. Rat Pack remake?
Since Diddy is loving the big screen and, obviously, has some A-list friends, he could be starring in a modern-day Rat Pack reincarnation and film remake. Diddy as Sammy Davis, Jr? Of course! He’s pretty chummy with Mr. Rat Pack himself–Frank Sinatra–so the blessing for such a feat is already in the bag. The mogul even has some leading ladies who can hold it down for the Mascots. (Hi, Eva Marcille!)

3. Sean “Sexy” Island?
We’re sure he’s got quite a few homes and villas, but he’s never announced owning his own beach or island. Did he find some small strip of land and dub himself the Kind? Yes, far-fetched, but we put absolutely nothing past Mr. Combs. Just save up your money for THAT vacay. Mai tai, anyone?