4 Ways to Bring Out Your Inner and Sexy You-Know-What

Earlier this week, Toni Braxton spoke candidly (again) on Chelsea Lately about dating on the other side of the interracial line. This time, she embarked on an even more shocking (not really) topic: sex with said white man. While Chelsea eagerly persuaded the singer turn up the bedroom heat with her new guy, Toni admitted that she was still dating her ex-hubby and her inner slut (can we say that?) was buried within her locked-down goodies.

“I’ve gone out on a couple dates with my ex-husband.  But the white guy I’m dating doesn’t know.  We [Toni and her white boyfriend] haven’t had sex yet.  I’ve been locked down for 10 years. I’m not comfortable with the slut in me yet.  I’m working on her though.”

Right there, it dawned on us! Other Vixens battle with this, too. Several women want to explore their sexual liberation after a relationship or be a healthy serial dating for the pure enjoyment of being single. Can you bring your inner and sexy you-know-what out to play, you ask? Indeed, and here are a few ways to get it done… in a good way!