6 Holiday Hairstyle Cues and Winter Hair Care Tips from Celebrity Stylist, Ursula Stephen

VV: With winter fast approaching, what are your top tips for beating dryness?
SS: One of the best is to just increase hair conditioning because cold weather wears on your hair as much as warm weather or a curling iron. So you definitely want to increase your conditioning treatments, and use a conditioner that’s a little more supple and heavy. Our Motions Deep Penetrating Treatment is amazing for that. Also try wearing your hair up a little bit because the different fabrics that we wear during the winter cause problems for the ends of our hair. If you wear turtlenecks and wool coats and your ends are rubbing against them, it causes dryness and a lot of split ends. So opt for wearing your hair up. You don’t have to everyday, but it’s an alternative style to keep your hair safe.

VV: Are there any easy winter hair care cocktails that we can whip up at home?
US: You could add olive oil to your deep conditioner. Your hair needs a lot more oil in the winter, and that’s what I do. Just mix a capful of olive oil with your conditioner, and sit under the dryer for 10 to 15 minutes.

VV: Other than perfecting your skills, what can current and future stylists do to begin building celebrity clientele like you?
US: You definitely have to position yourself to be in the right areas. I hate to hear of people that want to be a hairstylist or a celebrity hairstylist and they work at McDonalds. If you really want to be a hairstylist everything that you do should be hair-based. You should be assisting in a salon. If you know of a salon where a great stylist works, you should want to work there amongst them. You never know what opportunities you can get by just working amongst them. Put yourself in the right place and just make everything all about hair.