‘American Horror Story’s’ Ryan Murphy Talks the Black Dahlia, Violet’s Status

American Horror Story is one sick show–literally and figuratively. It made its debut on FX in October and has horror buffs on the edge of their seats trying to figure out whose alive, whose a ghost and what will happen next

Two more deaths were revealed in Wednesday night’s episode entitled, “Spooky Little Girl,” which occurred in the Murder House. Elizabeth Short a.k.a. the Black Dahlia (Mena Suvari) and Constance’s boy toy Travis (Michael Graziadei). More ghostly presences are appearing in the house. And in the last scene, Billie Jean revealed that any conception between the undead and the living would yield, according to the Catholic Church, the Antichrist who would bring about the End of Days. If you watch the show then this doesn’t sound like gibberish. But if you don’t watch and this sounds interesting, get your FX on demand fix or at least set your DVR’s to tape the show.

In the mean time, EW caught up with the show’s lead Ryan Murphy to talk about Billie Dean’s “prophecy,” Vivien’s pregnancy, whether Violet is dead or alive and more. Check it out here.

American Horror Story airs every Wednesday night on FX at 10pm.