Amy Winehouse’s ‘Lioness: Hidden Treasures’ LP Looks to Have Impressive First Week Sales

Last Tuesday (Dec. 6), Amy Winehouse’s first posuthumus album Lioness: Hidden Treasures was released in the US and overseas. After the album’s first week of sales, insiders projected over 100k units sold.

Competing with other releases like Michael Buble’s Christmas album and Snoop & Wiz’s collaboration album, the singer’s LP sold an estimated 110,000 copies in the U.S. According to, Amy will take the #5 spot on the Billboard charts tomorrow.

Despite the project featuring songs finished after her passing and previously released collaborations (including a duet with Tony Bennett), Amy also saw some impressive numbers overseas, selling 194,000 copies in the first week abroad.

Proceeds from Lioness sales will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which helps those struggling with drug and alchohol dependency.