Astro Gets Cocky on ‘106 and Park’

Astro stopped by 106 and Park to talk about The X-Factor, rumors about being signed to Roc Nation and more.

During his visit we couldn’t help but notice how big his ego seems to have gotten, and he’s only 15-years-old!

“I plan to release just as much music as I can. Movies, I should be working on a cartoon, reality show, everything. Everything I could do, like a clothing line, like a lot of things are in the works. I plan on just performing everywhere. I’m gonna be worldwide!” exclaimed Astro when he was asked what he was working on. It’s great to have goals an aspirations, but just his tone during the interview shows that he might be feeling himself a little too much

Check out the clip from the show and let us know whether you think he’s being extremely confident or overly cocky. –Krystal Holmes