‘Basketball Wives LA’ Will Be Back for Season Two

Looks like all that drama paid off because Basketball Wives LA just officially got its renewal papers. VH1 has agreed to bring back the ladies and despite the alienation of the show’s main villain, Jackie Christie, it has also been confirmed that the Queen Bee will be back to claim her throne.

Christie has turned out to be the shining star of the Basketball Wives franchise. She is also planning to be a busy bee in 2012. A new book aimed at couples that need some guidance on how to keep the fire burning in the bedroom is set to launch next year. And it has just been reported that the feisty mother of two has just finished filming a pilot for BET. And believe it or not, her better half Doug Christie is also trying to get on his hustle by pitching a show to BET. It seems the Christies had their own agenda from the start and thanks to Jackie’s antics and drama inducing behavior, the spotlight is glaring at their direction and they are obviously not shying away from it. One could argue that Jackie Christie played the game perfectly and came out on top. No matter how much animosity exists between her and the rest of the women, she was the most entertaining and no matter how hard they tried to dismiss her, she came back swinging even harder. I bet they hate her guts now more than ever. And that’s exactly what VH1 is counting on!

How do you feel about Jackie Christie coming back to the show? Do you think the girls will continue to balk at her? – Ezinne Ukoha