College Girl Brutally Beaten in FAMU Hazing Incident

This past Monday morning brought the news of yet another FAMU hazing scandal. This incident involved the beating of a woman by three fellow band members as part of a grisly initiation rite into the “Red Dawg Order”–a band clique for students at Florida A&M University.

The young woman, Bria Shante Hunter, was beaten so badly by her bandmates–Sean Hobson, 23, Aaron Golson, 19, and James Harris, 22–that she was forced to go to the hospital. There, it was discovered that Hunter had a broken thigh bone and blood clots in her legs.

On Nov. 5, Hobson sent Hunter a text message which stated, “I apologize for the hurt I put you through. I apologize for the mental and physical strain you have endured.” Hobson and Golson were charged with hazing and assault while Harris was only charged with hazing.

The incident, involving Hunter, occurred about three weeks before drum major Robert Champion was found dead after similar hazing circumstances. The culmination of these two incidents has resulted in the discovery of a deep-rooted hazing tradition that administration and officials are currently trying to defuse. –Zoy Britton

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