David Banner Reveals His New Year’s Resolutions For the Black Community

David Banner didn’t get his degree for nothing and he takes any chance he can to prove it. The rapper/actor/producer served up a blog entry for BlackEnterprise.com where he revealed three new year’s resolutions he’d like to see happen for the Black community in 2012.

Banner covers various scenarious like “The Curious Case of Lebron James,” “Democratic Loyalists,” and “The Infamous 360 Deal,” by breaking down each section and stating what needs to be done. 

Check out an excerpt from his blog entry below.

“Scenario 1: The Curious Case of LeBron

When LeBron James made the decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers after his contract ended, many questioned his loyalty to the city and the fans. Some denounced the “greediness” that supposedly motivated his interest in other teams, and still others condemned his signing with the Miami Heat as being “bad for basketball.”

In actuality, the actions of LeBron James—as well as Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, who assisted in bringing him to the Heat—displayed a degree of independence and autonomy previously unseen in the NBA. In the past, superstar athletes thrived off the benefits that come with being the one “great” player on a team full of “good” players. Additionally, superstars were content viewing the superstars on other teams as “rivals” to be defeated in competition. But, with the actions of LeBron, the self-centeredness of the “great” player was replaced by the common goal (an NBA championship) of multiple players and one-time “rivals” who had been transformed into teammates, working together toward that common goal.

Needless to say, Black men organizing, thinking independently and acting collectively has always been met with opposition, especially in the NBA where the owner-player relationship is often reminiscent of the owner-slave relationship on the plantations in the antebellum south.”


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