Did Steve Harvey Profess His Love to a Former Lover Despite His Wife?

Word on the street is that Steve Harvey isn’t over his old flame, Glenda Darnell.

Hello Beautiful reports that a source close to Darnell–an actress and radio personality who has worked worked with Steve in the past–revealed that the two ran into eachother during a recent trip to LA and had a chat in his dressing room. Once she was in the room, Steve began to tell her that that he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He went on to praise her and thank her for being there for him when times got rough. The source said that Darnell was shocked by what he revealed to her. The pair shared a warm embrace before they parted ways and when she turned to leave he pulled her back and kissed her.

We haven’t verified that this report is actually based on truth and not rumor (but that last bit sounded like it was out of a movie). However, we hope it isn’t true for Mrs. Harvey’s sake. Otherwise there’s going to be trouble.